About Glenn Michael Milliet

Glenn Michael Milliet, The Business Communication Expert, has performed nationally and internationally to ‘standing room-only’ audiences.  Having performed on stage in front of thousands as lead vocalist and front man for years, even before starting his professional speaking career, Glenn has a natural talent for connecting with audiences worldwide.

Following his music career, Glenn turned his sights on the beauty industry. And in 1978, Glenn opened his first hair salon and enjoyed over the top growth for nearly 40 years generating millions of dollars in his salon as he learned to master the art of communication in business. He discovered that his personal and financial growth were more highly impacted by his ability to communicate with the client, than to simply perform the technical task.

Since that time, Glenn has trained thousands of successful business individuals the art of mastering communication skills. His ability to teach the art of sales through clear communications has drawn the attention of individuals and businesses, large and small. From training the professional sales team of Proctor & Gamble and Paul Mitchell to educating and consulting the sales team of Renaissance Publishing to its highest sales of its 50-year history.

Conversation is a dance and sometimes others will lead.

Glenn Michael Milliet

Glenn is also a sought after business consultant around the topic of communication.  His articles have appeared in dozens of publications including The Link, Salon Today and Modern Salon.

Today, he presents to audiences as a master educator and professional speaker. Glenn possesses a passion for his audience’s success and shares his 40 years of experience and research in a simple, entertaining and easy-to-use system that is guaranteed to increase sales, grow profits and develop loyal clients for life.

Glenn is an active member of the National Speakers Association, VP of Education and Sales for the Evolve Corporation, and an active member of Intercoiffure (ICA) which represents only the top 1% of salons worldwide.

Glenn works with a diverse group of businesses large and small, entrepreneurs, sales teams and those who desire to enrich their lives and the lives of others through the power of clear and powerful communication.

Successful is what you do for you… Significance is what you do for others. Be Significant.

Glenn Michael Milliet

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