Glenn Michael Milliet, Business Communication and Branding Expert, International Keynote Speaker, individual and team communication and sales coach

“The one key element that will virtually guarantee business success and personal happiness is your ability to communicate and connect with confidence, consistency, and efficiency.”

Some speakers and coaches want you to believe that they were gifted at birth with their skills, perfection, and their ability to “walk on water.”

That, will NOT be my story.

I refine my skills everyday by sloshing through potholes and mud puddles, stumbling and getting back up, learning from the trenches, and the streets, and by seeking out the wisdom of quality mentors.

I grew up in a family of hard working, Post-World War 2, self-employed parents.(The original entrepreneurs.)

At age four I was diagnosed with a birth defect to my left leg requiring a steel brace from hip to foot through my pre-teen years. Going out for sports at the local playground was always an opportunity for ridicule, rejection, and frustration. The good news is that I had parents, my first mentors, who never saw limitations, but only the possibilities. Whatever challenge I faced my dad would say, “Figure it out.”

What you lack in one area, strengthen and build in other areas to overcome, modify, and adjust.

Work harder and smarter, practice relentlessly, apply your skills, and you can “Be Incredible.” By age 14 the braces were off, partnered with friends on our first business, and it was now, “Game On!”

Although financial success and recognition were good, by 24 I was looking for business independence.

At 25 I entered the beauty industry opening my first salon just three months post cosmetology school with nothing but attitude.

Within three years the business was generating six-figures.  And then, we hit a wall.  Although steady and profitable, sales became sluggish and adjustments had to be made.

Once again, I heard the voice of my dad saying, “Figure it out.”

I quickly determined that although I was a good talker, I was not yet a good communicator.

Immediately, I began studying the masters of communication, secured quality mentoring, recrafted my verbiage and delivery skills, and practiced relentlessly and then momentum began to take over.

In no time the six-figure business became the seven-figure business and life got good.

Each of us possess within ourselves incredible gifts and limitless possibilities. Yet to reach our full potential requires dedication, practice, and quality mentoring. Now is your time to step into your greatness. To be both successful and significant.

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