The role of a mentor is to provide:

  • Accessibility.  Being there when needed.
  • Authenticity. It is not about telling you what to do.  It is about guiding you through discovery of what is possible.
  • Objectivity. Sharing honestly and directly your strengths, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Continual Learning. A mentor is neither a psychic nor a “Know It All.”  They are however more of a “I want to know it all.”  All great mentors know that they have more to learn than they know.
  • Values. Beyond the obvious knowledge, skills and experience, quality mentors must possess a value system of honesty and integrity.

All Mentoring Services provided by Glenn are custom crafted to address each client's unique business needs.

Every PRO has coaches and mentors.

Those reliable and honest individuals that share openly, guide with both heart and the mind, and always put the best interest of their clients first.

Super achievers aim higher faster, never go it alone, and value the knowledge, skills, and experience of those that have gone before.

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