Crafting A Crystal Clear Expert Brand Position & Statement Workshop

Crafting A Crystal Clear Expert Brand Position & Statement Workshop

+ 4-hour interactive training
+ downloadable work-sheet templates
+ brand position statement outline template
+ practice schedule for effective results
+ coaching tips and techniques to enhance practice efficiency

Communication, Sales, and Branding Mastery

+ Communicate to connect like a PRO…in any situation
+ Connect to close more sales…like an EXPERT
+ Out position your competition…with ease and clarity
+And, Make More Money NOW!!!

Clear positioning and targeted messaging guaranteed to communicate effectively, connect efficiently, close more sales, and build clients for life.


Friday, November 19 9:00 am to 1:00 pm EST

This step-by-step online training workshop is for smart business professional who may be challenged to deliver a clear and distinctive value message regarding their product and/or services to their target market audience with confidence, clarity, and conviction.This interactive workshop is specifically designed for crafting an Expert Brand Position and Statement that speaks clearly and directly to your listener eliminating the confusion associated with vague and random content messaging.

The primary purpose of your Expert Brand Position Statement is to:

+ open a conversation
+ connect with your listener
+ find common ground
+ engage the listener’s interest
+ get to the point
+ motivate your listener to want to know more
+ and close more sales

This workshop is about:

  • Clearly defining your expert brand position
  • Crafting a distinctive and memorable expert brand position statement
  • Defining your specific high-value target market client
  • Understanding the challenges, pain-points, and triggers motivating your client to want to purchase your products or services
  • Effectively communicating the unique differentiators that separate you from your competitors
  • What guaranteed deliverables your client can expect to takeaway from every transactional experience with you
  • Crafting your unforgettable “Memory Insurance” tag line
  • Articulating the value of your products and/or services with confidence, clarity and accuracy
  • Creating content rich verbiage that emotionally engages your client desire to purchase
  • And so much more

You will learn:

Craft an Expert Brand Position and Statement

That clearly defines your target market client

Exposes the holdbacks to their emotional happiness

And positions you as their “go to” solution source

Business Building Techniques

Define what is an ideal referral

Effectively ask for referrals

Overcome the pushy salesman syndrome

Presentation and Communication Skills That Get Results

Effective use of nonverbal communication skills

Decoding the nonverbal messages of others

Gaining and maintaining your listeners attention from open to close

Deliver Your Message with Clarity, Accuracy, and Confidence

The power of the pause to maintain your listeners attention

Effective use of emphasis points to dramatically drive home key selling points

How to speak less to learn and earn more

And Make More Money NOW!!!

Value of this workshop:



  • Bonus #1: Pre-workshop 30-minute business evaluation Zoom call.  Value $1000
  • Bonus #2: Post-workshop 30-day unlimited email and text support.  Value $3000
  • Bonus #3: VIP access to Glenn’s “Magic 8” Deep Dive Discovery Workshop, January 2022.  Value $3000

Total value of this workshop:


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